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So here it goes.

Gender identity is a tough issue to talk about, especially to my more liberal friends. I would like to have a discussion and share viewpoints, but I have the inability to get past the first few sentences before I am just bombarded with insults. I don't know why political correctness needs to get in the way of an open sharing of viewpoints. Nothing I say about it is even malicious, not intentionally. Everything I say is with respect. I don't understand. So I thought I'd take to the internet for the discussion. Shall we?

I personally look at gender identity issues as more of a mental health subject than a subject of sexuality. What solidifies this in me is that it is made SO clear how different sexuality and gender are. I think because of that they should not be grouped together.
I believe, if being trans is indeed mental illness, it would make for better access to care. I'm not talking about conversion therapy, fuck that. I'm talking about how much easier it would be to get hooked up with a doctor that can help you get on hormone therapy, or get hooked up with a therapist because a lot of the trans people I know are sad anyway. Possibly having to do with trans related issues, maybe not. I can't be sure. But someone could be, and we could work on improving the mental health and wellness of this group while also working to destigmatize. Mental illness isn't chosen and nobody argues that. Thoughts?


Transgenderism is a legit condition SOMETIMES.

In utero, all fetuses start out female. This is why men have nipples. During development, it requires certain hormones at certain times in certain amounts to alter the female fetus' body into a male.

When this happens, the ovaries descend into the labia, which then seals itself and this becomes the scrotum. The urethra migrates upward and grows through the clitoris, which then enlarges into a penis. The nipples stay, but the mammary tissue remains undeveloped. Now, while all these physical changes happen, mental changes happen too. As the body is reconfigured into a male body, the brain is configured into a male brain as well.

Now, remember those hormones that require certain amounts at certain times? Fuck any one of those variables up and all kinds of things happen. Get enough to make the physical body male, but not enough to completely rewire the brain? Congrats, you're gay. Get enough to wire certain parts of the brain male but the body is still female? Congrats, you're a lesbian. Now... what happens when the brain is wired completely male but the body hasn't changed from it's initial female state? Congrats. You're a F to M transgender. Do it the other way, and you get an M to F.

So, is it a mental illness? Yes and no. Yes in that the brain is not working as it should with the body it has. No, in that there is nothing "wrong" with the brain, it's just trapped with the wrong hardware. This is, of course with legitimate cases. Not in some asshole with a tumblr who is trying to get idiots to pay his gofundme.


I think this is a well thought out reply and for that I thank you. I can always count on you to be an intellectual.

So basically what happens when I have this conversation I have found that I become a "bigot" and "transphobic trash" when really I'm just trying to get a better understanding. My brain fills in the blanks on its own where questions lay unanswered. It has been brought up to me that my use of the word "treatment" has been a trigger of a sort for some of my more....sensitive acquaintances.

Yet, in reality, I am looking toward therapy that would actually make some change. Let's try to work on striking some of the fear and shame out of it. Let's try to educate these people as to what is going on inside of them so they can be more active in said treatment. These are big things. I think It would really help with the stigma of trans...nobody is going to kick a kid in a wheelchair off of the handicap ramp.

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Sorry about not responding to the requests on my past draw threads, I'm just too lazy. Anyway, I'm bored as shit right now so I guess I'll be taking new drawing requests.


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1457622191170.jpg–(28.92KB, 480x640, ArNiyuGh0MPcDtm2QyaPZZcqJV_SnjoJWc2kUbyu5Sk9.jpg)






i think its very good :3


ddaaaaaammmmnnn moshi. back at it again with the huge dicks



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Check out my post.


1477263186790.jpg–(15.06KB, 348x265, gHsLQ4XM.jpg)


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I like dogs

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Tee, please

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I havn't had a pork pie in like a week, I'm having withdrawals.


1475023577832.jpg–(26.58KB, 410x410, 139362400932.jpg)


same bruv


I've never had a pork pie


i didn't know pork pie really existed i thought we just made a song about it

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what do you see?

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-Winged snakes facing eachother
-goat men sitting back to back, seen from the shoulders up
man pooping while standing
-wolf mask laying flat
-upside down scary face
-psychic alien
-cow skull
-angry dragon face
-arrowhead from monster rancher
-grey alien face with top of head missing
-scorpion with two tails
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mah nigga


>two swans
>a naked baby
>a pokemon that has not yet been invented
>that pink guy from dragon ball
>a bison with a castle on top
>a digram of a woman organs
>cow skull
>angry face
>another pokemon
>a black dot
>a coat of arms
>power substation
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Interesting. Now tell me about your mother.

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Sup folks? Hope all is well!





tag your fucking post correctly so I don't have to see it


1475326686728.png–(1.50MB, 1200x1129, 85f922c0314fb026d7e123fd1088ba5a.png)


I like this site!


1475326826269.png–(34.20KB, 600x550, ewww.png)


Web! Site!

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What's your favorite CRPG?




minecraft story mode


1463417684565.jpg–(37.14KB, 640x300, Ultima.jpg)


Ultima or bust


1475276707927.gif–(71.70KB, 765x522, PCY2Screen.gif)


quest of yipe is maximum comfy

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guys I don't understand something:

Why is it that when someone has a problem, they run away from it?
I've noticed in today's 90's-2k kids, a lot of them are these scared children who run away at the slightest and most easiest things to get away from. Specially on the internet.

Good example is this:
I was at an old card shop and someone didn't want to talk to me cause they were scared the way I would respond to them. I found this out due to another friend being nice about it and letting me know. I finally walked up to him asked him what do and he tells me he's afraid of confrontation. I figured a god big of our users here are around the 20's I want to say, so what do guys? What made them into pussies? I was always taught to stand up for what I believe but instead I have kids running away and not wanting to make shit better? I'm confuzzled.

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Why is it wrong for me not to be a sheep with everyone else? I'm so sorry that I don't "conform" to your ways. I'm sorry I'm different. Like some of you aren't here and there? At least I can say I want to be different. At least I can say I don't want to be like the rest of the world. Why is this a problem?
I see the world different. I see my life different. I don't want to be another random guy in an office doing the same job as the rest of the world. I want to be something here and mean something to the world if I can. I'm going to do the best I can to do this. Some people? No, they don't. They want to be another scared little worker bee following the queen around and her orders and never do anything.

What I will never understand is why people do not stand up for themselves at all any more. They are told it's bad and to not even try. You believe in something, it's ok, tell me. It's ok to talk to me. Don't be afraid of yourself. As long as you're not a dick about it, I don't mind. I can't stand people who are afraid of themselves or the world. I blame the internet culture.None of this is to be edgy either. I was taught that being different is good. So when someone says "You think different than us." I think to myself, Yeah I do. Why is that a problem? Explain to me why it's a problem?



>us normal white people
>white people

shut up creed we all know you're a '66 Corolla



1471719526102.gif–(173.50KB, 719x399, image.gif)


Is... Is that you?


I'm seeing so many pussies here. Lol do your thing Tarra and gezicht and shimazu also creed fuck off


1474138521920.png–(297.09KB, 720x537, no one around 2.png)


most everyone is agreeing I see.

File: 1470865846414.jpg–(67.08KB, 604x604, 0kAZn1ydjlU.jpg) Tagged: International

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Anyone likes learning languages, how many do you speak, would you like to learn another. If so, which?

I speak 5 languages, currently learning Bulgarian


I speak German and pidgin, how you end up learning said languages.


My family immigrated from the Netherlands to Denmark, they're from the frisian minority, so taught me it at home. In school we learned English and German.
Now i've started on Bulgarian because i wanted to learn a slav language.

Where did you end up learning pidgin?


lived on the island of Guam as a kid and went to Hawaii alot because my father was in the army



I have commitment issues so I don't stick to learning for very long, but in the past I've started learning japanese, korean (the easiest one), french, indonesian, quenya, spanish (the most successful one), german, and latin

as of the past couple of days I've been rotating korean and quenya on memrise, but I've not really optimized it with my peak focus times throughout the day so it's not going so well


English and Mandarin. I'm good with that.

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