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I'll leave this here









1441339900440.png–(199.54KB, 400x347, hodor.png)




1chanvs magnvs est

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yes, post it

if you're into DNB, whatever sub genre

jump-u.. well maybe not jump-up

hardcore welcome too, as in the 90's hardcore

have a sweet desktop

>on to the music

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Rufige Cru - Darkrider–(YouTube)



Nookie - Shining In Da Darkness–(YouTube)



Manix - You Held Me Hand (Manix & Rufige Kru Remix)–(YouTube)



manix - head in the clouds–(YouTube)



Manix - Rave Fantasy–(YouTube)


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Can someone tell me why the hell I had so sign in?

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It was an idea to turn the chan culture into a community that could have discussion

It blossomed in the beginning, but died off. I still love the idea, but it needs to be executed in some different way.

The sign in feature wards off would be trolls from just coming on to do what they do, but it also deters would be posters from posting good content.


because you're a assburglar


It'S not entirely dead.

Want another Roach-tv broadcast?


The irc was pretty nice, we had some good things going for a while but I think everyone got tierd of circle jerking each other. At least I did, not to project onto everyone else.


Because you're gay

File: 1406765907552.png–(46.60KB, 1426x626, alternate timeline territories.png) Tagged: Art, International, Literature, Social

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Story writing fags/creative fags/draw fags get in here.

I was bored, and did this map earlier. I now want to make stories and lore based on it. It's an alternate timeline thing, so alot of events might not necessarily happen (although I'd prefer history changed course at 1900, so there isn't so much to change. Maybe a bit earlier to make more things fit if need-be).

This is technically an open-source lore project. Fill it up with stories, drawings, pretty much anything that can help bring the world alive. So do as you please with it, as long as you aren't a assburglar about it and don't change the map or factions.

This could turn out fucking cool. Get your creative on, chubs.

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1410652791963.jpg–(50.56KB, 1247x368, MR6 Valiant MAC Rifle.jpg)


Also, the MR6 Valiant plasma rifle I made in another Pimp my Gun thread is now the MR6 Valiant MAC Rifle. Main DMR for the Maltese General Troops (now known as the MGT, why not). Gonna cook up a spec ops version for the yet unnamed Maltese special forces.


Introducing the MR5 Diligence. Shorter barrel, customisable version of it's older DMR brother the MR6 Valiant.

The MR5 Diligence is the mainline rifle used by Maltese special forces, and is also used by a small number of advanced troops throughout the Maltese Client States.

It's most famous use is during the Somali expansion into the Middle East. The MR5s were famously used by Saudi Arabian special forces (numbered at roughly 10,000 at the time, with 7,000 MR5s in their possession), in the August of 2041, to push the Somali Kingdom back into Yemen and contain them until further notice. 9 years have passed with few equipment changes and the Somali Kingdom has tried only once to break further into the Middle East again (July of 2046, known as the Midsummer Conflict), and was met with failiure within 2 weeks.

The yet-simpler version of the MR5 Diligence is the carbine used as the main weapon of the MGT, with at least 83% of the army using them.


1410659011380.png–(41.47KB, 976x317, MR5 Diligence MAC Rifle.png)



Way to forget the image.


1440881715265.png–(58.49KB, 1078x328, O-10 Zeus.png)


Bringing this back since I made something cool with Pimp my Gun lol.

This is the O-10 Zeus.

A unique weapon amongst the world's armies, the Zeus is a weapon deserving of it's own class and designation. Getting it's name from the brain-shatteringly loud noise it makes when it shoots, and the sheer destructive power of it's three specially-made ammunition types, the Zeus is arguably the greatest shock weapon the world has yet seen.

It's most popular feature is it's unique quad .50 Cal cartridge. Programmable via the ballistics computer on the side of the gun, this round of ammunition releases four .50 Cal sub-rounds after a certain distance or amount of time, which then scatter with immensely deadly force. These rounds are known simply as Q-50's, and are incredibly effective at long-distance crowd control, and for dispatching dense groups of enemies, it is also uncommonly used for heavy suppression of multiple enemies. It can also fire a high-explosive round for breaching walls (in buildings and ships alike) at a distance, anti-materiel, and general destruction purposes, and also a less often used heavy armour piercing round used mostly in specific-target assassinations or for sniping at vital points of vehicles that are about to be captured (by either side of the battle).

It is a double-action semi-automatic gun that can hold 10 rounds of ammunition via breach loading under the removable cheekrest. It has a built in ballistics computer (accessible via an extendable panel on the right side) which tracks the last bullet fired, and program's the Q-50 round if there is one in the chamber.

The Zeus is surprisingly light, though not the most comfortable weapon to hold whilst standing. It has an adjustable grip for your firing hand to ensure shooter comfort, and the rear cap of the stock is extendable for further comfort. The bipod is easily removable and adjustable for the most stable firing position you can get. The scope can zoom from x3 to x60, features anti-glare mesh, and offset is auto-adjusted by the ballistics computer.

All-in-all, the Zeus is one of, if not the sole, most fearsome handheld weapons in the world. From it's thunderous gunshot, highly destructive ammunition, and ruthless Mongolian wielders, the Zeus is certainly not something you want to be infront of.


1441426305580.png–(46.08KB, 982x447, KTDS.png)


Meet the knife thrower dick slicer. The only weapon in its class, the KTDS shoots a unique type of ammunition; knives. In addition to shooting knives, the KTDS has 8 knives on the retard holster to guarantee a sliced donger with improper usage, which you'll surely commit, you filthy whore. Unique to Eastern Europe until the late 1970s, the KTDS is the weapon of choice for dumb ass crackers everywhere

File: 1434965297198.jpg–(0.99MB, 1536x864, csgo.jpg) Tagged: 1chan.us, Video games

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Add csgo.1chan.us:28015 to your favorites.


done. man that 1.6 map feels weird on go but I like it


Add me on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/rocketnine

I'm currently Gold Nova Master


1439482121418.jpg–(527.82KB, 2048x1340, 63.jpg)



Sheeiiit, Zakes and I play together pretty regularly, we're both Gold Nova 3.

I think I accidentally removed you when I last cleared out my friends list so I'll re-add ya. My display name is Koga.

I most likely won't be able to play for 2 weeks though because vacation.


Zakes has a pretty penis. No homo.

File: 1439346167608.jpg–(8.29KB, 320x180, FSR.jpg) Tagged: Internet, Music

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ITT: Nerdcore

Futuristic Sex Robotz- Hotel Coral Essex

Love this shit


ytcracker - Bitcoin Baron [Support Internet Freedom]–(YouTube)


File: 1440279861864.jpg–(41.53KB, 500x375, 72f2e626385e1de7f23f126f5f658f5a.500x375x1.jpg) Tagged: Music

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I'm waiting for mr.redlemonade to drop new music, hopefully I won't be waiting for too long.

File: 1439486246284.png–(533.26KB, 718x537, vlcsnap-2014-05-29-23h28m39s157.png) Tagged: Nostalgia, Social

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Today I went to a normal Highschool.

I was so amazed. Why? I'm 23 and never been in a real HS...I was in sped my whole life so I have no idea what it's like and I would give anything to go back in time to redo my hs days over again and know what it's like.

My mother and I went to pick of transcript papers for my step brother cause he wants to be home schooled. Why? Because the fatass doesn't know how to make fucking friends. He complained that no one talked to him like they had to talk to him FIRST. I'm not even kidding. He has no friends, he has no life, he doesn't go outside and try to go anywhere. He doesn't ask his dad to take him anywhere. I'm sure if he asked his dad to take him him to the mall he would. He's unpopular, he's fat as hell, he doesn't like to shower, he's what we should be when I know most of us aren't.

I would love to goto highschool, even as a 23 year old. I saw kids with full beards. They would just think I'm 16...

Who ever here went to public school, be happy. I wish I did.

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>i was and and forever will be sped

>i'm jealous of another sped

that's what i read.


I wasn't in normal highschool. that kid told me he was in normal classes, all that he had was ADHD, nothing like me.


you're special in my heart babe




high school is two words

File: 1437618195723.jpg–(74.69KB, 960x720, 1429236523926.jpg) Tagged: 1chan.us

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Any ideas on how to maek this place less ded?

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1439276134625.png–(23.69KB, 465x86, creed.png)


>not utilizing meme arrows at every given chance



Forever the champ







>not utilizing meme arrows at every given chance
>utilizing meme arrows at every
>meme arrows

sage said it best herself. "definitely no raids pls" and what sage says goes so

File: 1438727458851.png–(382.04KB, 493x631, 1438082795805.png) Tagged: Random

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SO. I was around since the very very beginning of this chan. I have returned, so, what has changed, have I missed anything fun?


its kill



File: 1414380732353.jpg–(74.73KB, 622x407, 1394479895959.jpg) Tagged: Internet, Random, Social

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What other sites do you guys use aside from 1chan? Bonus points for smaller sites. Need some new sites to visit.

I'm a regular on:
4chan (I'd like to completely ditch it, but it's the only site I can refresh and find new content)

Kickass Torrents

In addition to these I spend a lot of time on irc.

Pic unrelated


As far as other chans go, I'm a regular on 4chan (same thoughts as you about it) and an occasional lurker of 7chan and 8chan; I also sometimes check other smaller chans here and there if I'm bored.

As far as other sites, I'm active on MetalStorm and BeerAdvocate.


8chan, lainchan and 4-ch bbs. I mostly lurk on all boards, post sometimes but not often. I kind of joined this board recently to see what it was, seems like an interesting board.


1438816507973.jpg–(93.91KB, 480x640, 1424989477295.jpg)


Here,4chan /b/ and /fa/, Neoseeker (mostly video game forums, smaller than it used to be, still a good community), I poked around gtsplus when I was a bit younger and into Pokémon trading, I used to be very active on Astro Empires (I think I made a thread or two for it last year, and opened an IRC room for us) but my activity dwindled because there wasn't much activity from other 1chan users.

During downtime these days I don't like to mindlessly browse anymore. I'll either play a game or go do a small job I've been meaning to do, fixing all those minor inconveniences and "I should do something about that soon" stuff.




as for as forums, image boards or similar

less regular
>tumblr, got an account recently and its nothing special

File: 1438979969455.jpg–(18.65KB, 480x480, 1438551369902.jpg) Tagged: Nostalgia, Video games

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Would a kind anon gift a poorfag a copy of Modern Warfare 2 on steam?

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